Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The New Beginning

Hello Folks...

Let Me Start By Saying "Om Ganeshaya Namaha". I Am A Total Novice To The World Of Blogging.But Will Be Looking Forward To Do It Because Am Sure My Thoughts Will Be Enriched If I Share Them With All You Intelligent And Intellectual People.As My Blog Name Suggests The Thoughts Of This Blog Is Just Of An "Unknown Indian", Like Many Out Here.If You Find Them Opinionated Or Resentful In Any Way..Please Do Forgive Me.

First and Foremost I Would Like To Extend My Heartiest Thanks To Respected Mr.Parthasarathi K Of With Whom A Chance Acquaintance On The Net Culminated Into Friendship.On His Persuasion,I Have Dared To Share My Thoughts Via Blogging,Something Which I Had Avoided For A Long.He's Of The Opinion That Am a Good Writer Which I Honestly Don't Believe!!! I Would Also Like To Thank All Who Encouraged This Idea When I Discussed It With Them..

I'll Be Looking Forward To Share All My Khatta-Meetha,Teekha n Even Kadva Thoughts With You About Anything n Everything From Now On..Hope You Get A Taste Of It..;)

So Guys....Its Official...Komal Starts Blogging...!!


On Your Mark...Get Set...Go....


  1. Welcome to the Blogworld.You have so much here to learn and to share.Looking forward eagerly to your posts.Happy blogging

  2. Hello, Hearty Welcome To Bloggers' World :D

    Wish You All The Very Best Success For Your Upcoming Posts As Well As For Upbrining Of Your Blog :D

    S, Parthasarthi Sir, Has Rightly Said That, You Are A Good Writer :D

    Even, I Used To Feel The Same As You Feel, But, When I Started Blogging, Then, Without Knowing To Myself, Blogs Went On Well & Are Going On :D Now, I'm Very Much Addicted To Blogging :D

    Our Views, Thoughts, Opinions Will Be Stretched Bcoz of Abundant Wordly Knowledge Which We Might Have Not Come Across :D

    Here We Meet Different People With Different Mind Set :D

    Overall, I Can Say That, Blog Is A Land Of Oppurtunities, To Learn & Expand Our Knowledge In Any Field/Stream :D

    You Yourself Will Experience & As The Time Pass By, You Will Say That, You Honestly Believe Yourself, That You Are An Excellent Outstanding Writer :D

    I Was Also Introduced To This Blogosphere, By One Of My Friend :D I Started With A Blog, In Which I Used To Share With My Daily Experiences, Either At Coll Or At Traveling Or Anywhere Else :D

    But, After Visiting Few Blogs, Knowing Much Better, I Felt That, I Too Should Start With Poetry Blog....I Started My First Blog, Exhibiting Hidden Talents[] On Sep 24th 2008 :D Then Very Recently, I Came Up With Poetry Blog[] :D I Am Concentrating On Both The Blogs :D

    Ps :- Dear, I Didn't Share This To Show off myself or Praise Myself :D I Shared This, To Help You Know Much About The Changes of One self after entering Into Blogosphere :D

    You Will Understand, Once You Experience It :D I Know You Will Surely Like Blogosphere :D

    All The Very Best Success :D TakeCare :D

  3. Dear Komal,

    Welcome to Blogworld..:)

    Awaiting your posts..!

    Happy Blogiing

  4. welcome to blogosphere KOmal..partha directed me here, the credit truly goes to him..hes always been the spirit behind a first new step :)

  5. Hi komal

    A warm welcome to blogville :-) KP sir directed me here, and if he says, I'm sure you must be a great writer! So am eagerly looking forward for your wonderful posts....Also, I invite you to read my humble drop in when you find time :-)


  6. Hi,
    Welcome to the world of blogging.
    Wish your blog venture brings you happy days and good friends into your life as it has done to me.Good luck.
    Way to go :)


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