Friday, August 14, 2009

My Beginning-My Mother

Am sure you guys are aware that the word MOM is a palindrome(in case you dont know what it is..they are words which are same when spelt backwards)..Speaking metaphorically You go back in your life or forward the only thing that remains same is Mother and her Love..Am sure for most of us,if not everyone,Life starts with Mother and comes full circle to her..:)

Echoeing the same words that each and everyone one in this world say about their mothers,"My Mom is the best mother in this whole universe and there's nobody like her"..wanna ask you why everyone say it? Maybe because all Mothers are same.Like Shahrukh said in the movie Kal Ho Na Ho.."Ye Maa jo Hoti Hain Na,Bahut Ajeeb Hoti Hai.Hamesha Dil Se Sochti Hain,Aur Wahi Se Samajhti Hai" (Mothers are quite peculiar.They Think as well as understand everything from the Heart). That pretty much rounds off everything..Isn't it? Thanks K Jo..I got a quote for my post.LOL ;)

Friends,please spare your time to read the few straight from the heart words for the reason of my existence. My Beginning in this universe is becauseof her..My mother..I call her Amma..Since am just beginning to blog,what better topic than this? Its a genuine effort to express in few possible words,what she is,though i can go on and on and write a thesis on her.I'd feel accomplished if this brought a smile on your face and made you think of your mom for a moment .

Personally am a replica of my Amma (except the on the spur of the moment anger that keeps surfacing on and off..Its a gift from my father!!!) I was amazed when i learnt that even my favourite song was the same song (It is "My Heart Is Beating..Keeps On Repeating from 1975 hindi movie Julie) which she used to hum during her teens. Of course i never knew about it and came to know when i crossed my teens and became an adult..!!

I Think( though i never make it known) , Walk, Talk and even Look like her..I even share her blood group..That makes my bond with her even more beautiful..But I dont think i can ever have such a patience ( am a total loser in that department!!), or that sacrificial nature,that unconditional love and selfless atttitude despite the resemblences.

To be frank my mother is the only person who understands me in and out whereas my Father and siblings fail in it..Spare Friends and other people.Because they'll never figure me out.(Yeah..!! Am quite peculiar and complicated..A bundle of extremes).She knows when am feeling sad,when am happy,and what i need at what moment,without having to ask as if she's having sixth sense..She's always there for me to lean on but never asks anything even when she's in dire need of help.

I often complain of her being not very expressive about her love..But I know deep down how much she cares for all of us and especially me.I have always been a special child for her owing to the number of hospital admits.Twice or Thrice they were near death situations and thats why she always took more care of me which made my siblings jealous sometimes..
Like all mothers my Amma too taught me the first word to speak,first rhymes that i recited,first step that i took,first alphabet i wrote..and i need not say much about it as everyone knows what moms do.Thereafter she kept teaching how i should become a good person trying in vain to imbibe the beautiful qualities that she has. Now,as an adult I realized how important it is to try to be like your Mother. But no matter how much you try, you always fall short of good qualities.The only lesson i learnt from her without her teaching but by looking at her was to Keep smiling through thick and thin..:)

She has seen so many ups and downs. She has faced the worst of the situations a woman can face in her life,and yet i have never seen that enticing smile fade from her face. When my father had a major heart attack and that too for the third time,doctors had given up the hope. All of us kids were crying like hell,but she put a brave facade and didnt even drop a single tear from her eyes,Instead kept us all assuring everything will be alright. Imagine what kind of situation it could be when there is no support emotionally or financially..(Yeah..bloody losers called relatives and friends show their true colors during such times na!!!)..She single handedly fought through those situations. She is a Fighter like a Tigress. Everytime seeing her fighting through difficult situations bravely amazed me. Nobody can fathom the amount of courage and will power she has,which is so much adorable that i've been trying to inculculate in myself..

I have lived all my life with my Mother. My siblings have stayed away from home for one or the other reasons. But luckily for me its otherwise. She's been there every second of my life,making me her "Ankhon Ka Taara". I tend to share everything with her. My day never ends without explaining her each and every aspect of each day with complete detail..right from who wore what..which guy tried to hit on me..who was having affair with what President of America is doing on T.V...What movie Johnny Depp or Shahrukh or any other actor was doing..

At the same time i would fight and argue like hell with her sometimes making her sad and her life miserable behaving in rude manner...I feel totally worthless and ashamed when reminded of such times. But cant help it. I wonder If its the same case with everyone..!! Making your moms your punching bags and taking her for granted. Maybe thats because we know that no matter what our Mother will love us unconditionally..But am truely sorry for it Amma :(

Am proud that am my Amma's daughter and for a change would like to say I Always Would Like To Be Known as "Mamma's Girl"..(Papa's girls,please forgive me and dont start sending me hatemails)

The fact that I am the daughter of such a wonderful dignified lady and Mother always assures me,I can never go wrong as a Woman and as a Mother in my life. You may feel that am exaggerating. But its true..You have to see it to believe it. Everyone who knew my Amma know what a beautiful human being she is..I know for sure,I will be a really Good mother because of my Mother and her Upbringing..(Sorry..!! If i sounded like some Desperate Idiot here..)

At last I would like to have a message- " Amma,You Mean Much To Me Than Anyone. I Would Standby You All My Life.I Pretend Sometimes That I Dont Need You And Boss Around.But the Truth Is I Cant Live And Do Without You..I Love You..

Friends, Thanks For Your Valuable Time.I'll Be Sharing Many Other Topics In General Sense.Will Be Really Glad If You Stop By And Support Me Once In A While..Muahhha...xoxo

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  1. There is nothing as powerful as mom's love.
    Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers, and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only one mother in the whole world
    You did the right to start your blog on the right note
    Have a great day


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