Friday, August 14, 2009

Independence Day Feelings

Happy Independence Day India!!
All You Fellow Indians Across The World...Heartiest Wishes On The 63rd Independence Day...

Don’t Forget To Remember All Those Who Gave Their Life For Us...Don’t Narrow That To Only Freedom Fighters.Try To Remember Those Who Have Become Martyrs During Chinese Invasion Of India In 1962, Indo-Pak Wars of 1965, 1971 and 1999[Kargil War], The Most Recent Infamous Terrorist Attack On Mumbai, Not Barring All The Innumerable Jawans Who Have Sacrificed Their Lives Across Borders So That We Live..By Border Don’t Limit It To The Indo-Pak border, friends...
India is Separated From China, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal Including Pakistan By LOC. Imagine How Many Deaths Of Jawans Go Unnoticed across these borders!! All We Daily Read Is About Indo-Pak Border...Border Security Force Is Protecting Us From So Many Unlawful Forces... Hats Off To Them!!! I Wonder If Any Other Country In The World Is Having Such A Dynamic And Systematic Military Force Just To Guard the Border...

And How Can We Forget The Kashmir Crisis? It’s So Painful To See People Dying Daily, Be It Civilians or Jawans, For a Piece Of Land Which Some Other Country Claim To Be Theirs.

A Martyr Is A Martyr, No Matter In Which War He Sacrificed Himselves.Nobody Can Take A Jawans Place. Though Everyone Have Patriotic Feelings For Their Motherland, It Is Unmatchable To The Patriotic Feelings Of A Soldier, For Whom Everything Comes After His Motherland, Even His Own Mother...The Intensity Of Their Love For Their Homeland Is Intriguing At The Same Time Terrifying..!!
Can Any One Of Us Go To The Extent They Go Just To Save Your Country...Its A 'Big NO' ,Atleast In My Case.Because People Like Me Are Selfish..Am Sure There Must Be A Few Who Are Like Me..!!

Look At The Fluttering National Flag, Salute It and Remind Yourselves How Fortunate You Are To Have Independence...To Do What You What...To Go Where You Want To Go...To Be What You Wish.That Too,To Be In This Post-Independence Era Where India Is Heading Towards Being A Superpower,Is A Marvelous Feeling..Surely, Most Of You Youngistan Will Agree With It...

There Might Have Been Slower Developments Considering That Already 63 Years Have Passed, Since British Gave Our Country To Ourselves. But It Doesn’t Take Away The Fact That There Have Been Developments In Each and Every Sphere...

What Else Does Being One Of The Strongest Defense Force, Being A Nuclear Superpower, Being A Contributor In Space Research, Being Global IT Giant mean..? We Are Not Even Behind In Sports, Entertainment...Seeing Rehman Recieving Oscar Still Gives Me Goosebumps...Apart From Our Cricketers, Sportspersons like Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore,Vijendar Singh,Saina Nehwal,Yuki Bambri,Vishvanathan Anand Others Are Bringing Laurels To The Country At All Levels..Engineers From India Have Altogether Changed The World..And We Have The Largest Educated Human Resource In The World Who Are Under 35..What Else Is needed for Development?

Why Overlook Things Like These? Why Can’t We Improve The Infrastructure And Other Basic Facilities, If They Are The Departments That We Are Lagging Behind..Think Youngistan..Can We Play Any Part In It? We Work So Hard To Improve In Our Respective Areas Of Work.Dont Us? Then Why Can’t We Improve Our Morale And Ethics..Don't You think The True Essence Of Development Personally And Otherwise Lie In It..?

I Am Leaving You With These Thoughts..It’s A Shame That We Always Have This Sudden Spring Of Intense Patriotic Feelings Only During Independence Day And Republic Day!! [That’s Why The Post Is Named Independence Day Feelings] Anyways,Atleast We Still Have The Habit Of Giving A Day Or Two To Think About Our Country And Its Situations..That’s The Silver Lining..:)

I Hope By Next Independence Day, I Would Have More Developments to Discuss..With This Optimistic thought Say "Jai Hind" and "Vande Mataram"[Hail To Motherland]..

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  1. Wow.What an impassioned plea for all to join in building a new and resurgent India.You have enumerated with justifiable pride at the scintillating achievements in various fields.They are heartening no doubt.
    But where is youngisthan you are talking about when the country is in the grips of old and geriatric with their lopsided priorities and vested interests.
    Let the educated young men and women join politics in very large numbers to change the face of the country.Otherwise the growth would be halting,stunted and inadequate with poverty looming large in the rural sides.


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